Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bob Woodward

I'm not quite sure what to say here, because I'm not quite sure how I feel. Now that Bob Woodward has testified that he was one of the reporters involved in the Plamegate affair, and withheld that information for fear of subpoena and because he's a secret-keeper (look how long Deep Throat stayed secret), it's difficult to classify him now. Is he an access journalist, depending on being ingratiated with power to dig up a story? Why didn't he tell Len Downie, the Post's executive editor, considering that Ben Bradlee knew everything during Watergate? Has he gotten lazy, where he'd rather depend on insiders than digging up the whole story? What's the deal?

Woodward is an icon of journalism, and this revelation seems to have lessened his stature, sadly. He was first on Watergate, the Pelton-Walker spy rings, Iran-Contra, and during the Lewinsky scandal, he wrote some important stories. Now, since Bush came into power, he's become much more of an author of books than a reporter. He is working on his third book on this administration, more than he's ever done before.

I still respect him for all that he's done with his work, but I'm saddened at the way he attacked Pat Fitzgerald (which could be on principle) and how he made these attacks knowing that he had information relevant to the investigation Fitzgerald was conducting. It doesn't make sense. I hope he learns from this and cleans up his act. He's been too good of a reporter to let his career go downward from here.

On a side note, Joe DiGenova and the commentators saying Fitzgerald needs to drop the indictment and that Libby is bolstered by this are dead wrong. Fitzgerald said Libby was the first known official to leak to reporters about Plame, and Libby was indicted on obstruction and perjury charges. Libby still lied completely about his role in this matter, and he's guilty as hell. Case closed.


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