Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry

You can get my full view on this, both column and analysis, in the upcoming issue of the Michigan Journal at, but here's my personal view. Kerry dominated this debate, plain and simple. He had command, he had focus, he kept it short, and he played offense, something that Bush did not do very well. Bush seemed defensive, and snapped a couple of times, looking much like Ford against Carter in 1976. The post debate spin seems very much to be favoring Kerry, saying he won this one, and unlike Gore, Kerry didn't have any dual camera moments catching him sighing, or looking upset.

Bush looked that way, looked annoyed at Kerry a lot as Kerry calmly, sternly ripped into him. Bush also stumbled a lot, did not seem like even his talking points were there, got flustered, and tripped over his own talking points a couple of times. Winner is Kerry easily, and we'll see if the polls support it, but if America saw what I saw, it will shift some.


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