Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Zarqawi and impositions

Good line about Zarqawi hating democracy.

I thought he said Iran, but he said our aim in a heavy Texan accent.

Mentions controlling, repressive leaders. Is Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, etc. included in that?
Providing aid to Palestine and saying peace is in reach between them and Israel....very good. We have to be part of that, though, and by God, I hope we are. Calls on Saudis and Egypt to show the way to democracy in the Middle East....SON OF A BITCH!! HE DID IT!!

Now he's attacking Syria and insisting they end all support for terror, but what's the Syrian Accountability Act?

Iran...again. Prime sponsor of terror, developing nuclear materials, insists both be stopped. Tells Iranian people we stand with them for their own he doing what his dad did, encouraging dissidents to fight against their leaders?


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