Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pharmacist morality, my ass

Read this story and tell me if you still think pharmacists should be allowed to exercise their own judgment over a doctor. If you still say yes, you are in need of serious help.

To summarize, a 20-year old was raped by a neighbor, and desperately sought out the morning after pill. Many pharmacies she called did not have it in stock, and when she found one, the pharmacist refused. On "moral grounds." To a woman who had been raped.

The head of the Arizona Catholic Conference said that rape is a case in which they are fine with the use of Plan B, and that the Church understands such situations are mitigating circumstances. Apparently this pharmacist doesn't feel rape is a good enough reason. This woman, unless she has an abortion, now will have to carry the baby of a rapist, and possibly deal with any STD's he might have had as well. Rape is bad enough, but why do people then feel the need to pile on? She needed the damn pill, and this is why people with a valid prescription should never have to explain themselves to some pharmacist, and that pharmacist should always fill the prescription. Plan B is not an abortofacient, it simply stops fertilization from occuring, and while one shouldn't always use it, it is sometimes necessary. A pharmacist does not and should not have the right to say no.


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