Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Trouble in Iraq

When it's gone far enough that Sunnis blew up a 1,200 year-old mosque, and risk going to hell (because it is a sin to attack any place of holy worship), then we have ourselves a real problem here, especially since reprisals were carried out against Sunni mosques before Ayatollah Al-Sistani called for a week of mourning and no reprisals against other mosques.

Sure, we had enough troops when we went in. Sure, Iraqi soldiers are making great progress. That's why leaders are calling for religious militias to take on the security role. We need to face it....this thing is going straight to hell, and we need to get the Saudis or some other Sunni nation to talk with these people and get them to settle down, and see if Iran wouldn't be willing to peacefully talk with the Shiites and get them to calm down. This thing is spinning out of control, and U.S. soldiers could be facing a very deadly situation soon. I've gone from worried to all-out scared. A 1,200 year-old mosque gone, and we're likely to get blamed for not protecting it.


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