Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A sad tale

One of my favorite hockey players ever, a cool regular guy who myself and my friends have played video games with and watched perform on stage, Darren McCarty, filed for bankruptcy yesterday.

I don't know what got Darren in such financial straits, but the gambling certainly didn't help. He has debts of about $250,000 to three casinos, and if he was already having financial issues, he should've handled those first. I hate to raise the possibility, because of how much I like him, but I think he may have replaced one addiction with another in this case.

Furthermore, he lost his whole contract buyout to his divorce, an Escalade sank in water, and a motor home caught fire and was destroyed. That's a lot of stuff to be losing. So, combine the bad luck with some bad business deals and you get bankruptcy. I sincerely hope that DMac gets this worked out, because he's a good guy and deserves a lot better.


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