Sunday, January 14, 2007

Is someone trying to save friends of the Duke?

U.S. Attorney of San Diego Carol Lam is apparently being forced out of her job. Lam's sins? Well, prosecuting Duke Cunningham and other local Republicans on corruption charges seems to have stirred up someone back in D.C., so much so that the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the San Diego office (SAC's are senior FBI agents chosen for their investigative and administrative prowess), told the San Diego Tribune: As for the reason for any pressure to resign, [Dan] Dzwilewski said: β€œI can't speak for what's behind all that, what's the driving force behind this or the rationale. I guarantee politics is involved.”

Dzwilewski declined to discuss Lam's demeanor during their conversations, her state of mind, when or if she will resign or her future plans.

β€œIt will be a huge loss from my perspective,” Dzwilewski said."

Seems a smidge fishy, doesn't it? Her predecessors, including Chris La Bella, who worked with Ken Starr in the IC's office during Whitewater, said this is out of the ordinary, so why is she being tossed? Someone needs to provide some answers about this.


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