Thursday, August 07, 2008

Panic In Detroit

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Kwame's going to jail! Kwame's going to jail!

*breathless (pant, pant)*

Yes, it's a real holy hell day here in Detroit. Our dear mayor was hauled into court for a hearing on his bond after he violated it twice in the past week, once for a trip to Windsor that he didn't notify the court about and for his physical altercation with a process server trying to serve a subpoena on his friend Bobby Ferguson. Judge Ronald Giles decided he'd had enough and ordered Kwame's bond revoked and ordered him to the Wayne County jail for processing. At this time, the Kilpatrick attorneys are trying to get an emergency appeal after Giles flat-out rejected their request for a stay of his ruling.

Either way, at this moment, the City of Detroit is rudderless. The good news for city workers is that the city's layoff plan will probably be put on hold, since he can't exactly run the city from jail. Even better, this may finally be the last straw to either force the resignation of this disgrace of a public official or help Gov. Jenny quickly decide on moving his sizable tucchis out of office.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Update: Judge Thomas Jackson told Kilpatrick's attorneys that he will not hear their case until tomorrow, ensuring that hizzoner will be spending a night in jail.


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