Monday, October 04, 2004

Bush people

Thank God Paula Zahn is around. While I haven't always been enamored with her, tonight she's been asking some tough-ass questions of the Bush and Kerry people, but my favorite moment was when she told Ken Mehlman (Bush's campaign manager) to answer the question about the two sentences of Kerry's that she quoted, and not to divert off into the $87 billion. Reading the continued spin from the Bush campaign, thanks to (a fact-checker of the media), it is obvious that most media organizations picked right up on the President's use of the two words "global test" and didn't explain the 30-40 words around it.
I feel it's ridiculous that Bush is continuing to get away with these things. As a budding journalist, I can't stand it. My personal support is for Kerry, but in my analysis of the first debate in The Michigan Journal (, I did call him on incorrect statements he made too. However, Bush consistently and continually gets away with statements that are not only way out of touch with reality, but are so misleading as to be almost completely false.
While the media are improving on their fact-checking (especially doing a good job on the claims of the debate) they immediately regressed following the debate, giving Bush's twisting of the phrase "global test" far too much airplay without explaination or rebuttal. As an aside, Ken Mehlman's mouth looks awful when he talks...the camera really should not focus on that gaping valley if it can help it.


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