Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The end....and more freedom

So, he ended with freedom, and not just that, he ended in a way that seemed almost abrupt....Was it just me, or was the ending kind of discordant?

Final tally

53 minutes
61 applause lines
No count on bipartisan applause
3 booing instances, all during Social Security talk

Well, he gave some more details on Social Security, but they seemed more historical and less current and future based. The figures he gave are also subject to change quite quickly. If we have another 1990s-style economic boom, Social Security would be solvent possibly through the century. This is going to be ugly. Clearly, like everything else he's done, the president is holding his cards close, thinking the less details he gives, the better. That didn't serve him well with Iraq, though, and I'm sure Republicans are thinking this over. I'd expect a lot of competing plans, not to mention severe pressure for the president to give a full vetting of his plan, which could either save it or kill it like the Clinton health care plan.
In terms of the rest of the laundry list, he moved so quickly between ideas that one gets the feeling they were filler. The only things that got significant time were Social Security, national security, and sadly, the FMA.


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