Thursday, February 17, 2005

Let's think about this...

From my dKos posting:

Dick Cheney was quoted in Woodward's The Commanders as saying that George Bush Sr. has a long history of vindictive political actions. Obviously, nowhere near Dubya's level.
Secondly, there's two different thoughts to consider regarding Gucnnon/Gankert. One is that, just like Nixon, paranoia about making sure Democrats get buried led to an incredibly stupid action, i.e. hiring a male prostitute to play reporter and ask ridiculous softball questions or repeat GOP talking points.
Now, consider THIS: What if the Bushies put him in there, get the left and the center distracted by this "scandal," and while we are running around trying to find out what the hell is going on, Bush pulls some more of his behind-the-scenes chicanery that he's become famous for? What if this is a setup to cast doubt on ALL the reporters in the room?
It's not above this man to play Soviet politics. Hired propagandists posing as media, hired journalists, fake journalists in the press room, and soon enough people will be questioning ALL media. Probably, not knowing any better, many of them will run to Fox News, who carries the President's line unfettered. This way, no one would believe it even if the Post pulled out another Watergate story. In 1972-1973, with far more trust in our media outlets, it still took over a year for Watergate to take hold in Middle America. How long might it take if the media is seriously discredited?
I'm glad Gannon got exposed, but dammit, I'm also wondering if it wasn't a setup all along. We need to look farther than Gannon himself. This story has a lot more to it than just a fake journalist in the briefing room.


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