Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cole v. Goldberg, part 1,276,459

The esteemed professor Juan Cole seems unable to let go of Jonah Goldberg's insults. Granted, Goldberg has made an ass of himself by insulting a real expert, and by continuing the insults, but then again, I can't blame the good professor, since my integrity was challenged last year by a Goldberg clone on campus who heads the College Republicans, and I had to keep firing back. Similar situation, as the moron had no idea of what it's like to be a journalist, beyond watching Fox News.
There was a great article by John Dean recently about what it means to be a conservative. Dean postulated that conservatism has become such a big tent that it encompasses a ton of people and has no meaning. And to my way of thinking, it'll collapse like the Democratic Party did in 1994. Perhaps as early as 2006, maybe 2008 with the presidential election. See, the problem is that the far-right of the party is pushing so many social agendas that the general public, which really is moderate, is going to rebel.
The Social Security reform attempt is being balked at by so many Republicans because they are scared to death of losing reelection over this issue. President Bush is doing what Clinton did and putting his whole party at risk over this issue, part of the reason that the Democrats fell in 1994. Josh Marshall does the status updates of all the Congress, and currently has about half the GOP caucus opposing, at least in part, the Bush plan.
Furthermore, the gay-marraige issue is eventually going to offend a lot of people, because people like James Dobson, emboldened by their "success" in the election, are targeting anything homosexual, trying to relegate them to near-slave status in our nation. Not everyone likes the idea of gay marraige, but they don't all hate gays either.
I know, this is kinda wandering, but I'm tired, so oh well. I guess the point I'm trying to get to is that Bush may have won reelection, but like Nixon, he is going to have to pay up for all the moves he made in the first administration. No, I doubt Bush will ever be impeached, but Iraq is still up in the air, the military stretched to a breaking point, and despite public pronouncements to the contrary, we are not secure, not by a longshot. And people like Jonah Goldberg are going to have to face the fact that they were wrong in the way they pushed the war and defended the understaffed occupation. I look forward to the return of rational Republicans to the head of their party. It will help save our country from the anachronistic, misogynist, bigoted politics of those in the Falwell/Robertson/Dobson/Coulter camp.


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