Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Redemption and hypocrisy

CNN Newsnight led with a story about Karen Quinlan, the first right-to-die case. Her mother seems to be more sympathetic with Michael Schiavo. Then Jeff Greenfield follows with a pretty good analysis of the whole situation and outs DeLay for the liar he is.

I said it on Kos, and I will say it here: Given the ABC News story showing her CT scan, it is time for everyone to face the facts: her brain is shot. Her cognitive function is gone. She has only the most basic, instinctual movements of her head and eyes. The look there is blank, not one of recognition. I believe her soul is already with God. It went there the moment she first slipped into this condition. 19 judges have reviewed the case. All the state courts agreed with Michael Schiavo. Now, the federal district judge has ruled for him. If the appeals court rules for him, and I would think they would, then I highly doubt the Supreme Court would, after two prior rejections, take up the appeal, which would bring us to the same ending that was there last Friday.

Meanwhile, in other news, the IRS is investigating a black church in Florida for hosting John Kerry in an alleged "rally." You know, all those actual Bush rallies at churches across the country will get investigated too, right? Oh, wait, I forgot, the government only governs its side. It rules the other side. This administration and these Congressional leaders will stoop to any low to retain power, whether using the IRS like Nixon did, or using the brain-dead body of a woman as a symbol for their fringe movement. The woman wanted to die if she ended up in this state, as expressed by the findings of multiple courts, but is being kept alive by others for their political gain. I'm disgusted with this nation's leadership.


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