Monday, May 16, 2005

Sensenbrenner continues to leave the "sense" at home

James Sensenbrenner has officially taken leave of all senses. His new bill, H.R. 1528, known as the Safe Access to Drug Treatment and Child Protection Act of 2005, issues the most ridiculous minimum guidelines in the history of jurisprudence. Among other things, if you witness a drug sale or usage in the vicinity of or on a college campus, and fail to report it, you would face a minimum two-year jail sentence. For not reporting a drug sale!! It could be a frickin' joint, for God's sake, and Western civilization is not going to end over one joint.

Moving on, it gives a ten-year minimum to anyone over 21 who gives someone under 17 marijuana or any other drug. If it happens a second time, they get life in prison. I could keep going on, but it's becoming clear. This is a bill that attacks marijuana more than anything else, and marijuana isn't the fricking problem in America. It's meth, and coke, and heroin that's the real problem, but no, the government, according to recent Justice Dept. figures, is prosecuting marijuana cases more than anything else. This is the John Ashcroft legacy, unable to sort out non-destructive drugs from the ones that screw up neighborhoods for life.

Yes, I know weed does cause problems, but I think we'd keep a lot of people out of jail and free up our police to focus on more serious cases if we just legalized marijuana and taxed it like we do cigarettes. Hell, you'd probably even get people to quit once they had to pay something like $75 for a pack of marijuana cigarettes as opposed to $5 for tobacco cigarettes. I mean, honestly, why not just regulate it? The commericials on TV about marijuana are usually way off-base, everyone knows it, and so it does nothing. And because of that, teens often ignore the real warnings about the harder drugs, and there goes the ballgame.

Marijuana does as much to us as tobacco and alcohol does, and those are legal and regulated. Add marijuana to the list, and honestly, America will probably end up being safer. It's time to stop being so damn Neanderthal. Life in prison for marijuana? What in the hell does that achieve?


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