Saturday, October 29, 2005

What a great day

Okay, so I sleep in, have breakfast with my family, go get a new air filter and put it in my car, pile everyone in the car, get some McDonald's for lunch, and head out to California farm country. We went to some apple orchards, small stores, a cider mill, and in general just had a fantastic time. Finally, we went to Kristi's (my wonderful fiancee) aunt's house to hang out and have dinner. All of this was great fun.

Adding to this fun: Fitzmas Day. Irving Lewis (Scooter) Libby was indicted on two counts of perjury, two counts of false statements and one count of obstruction. And you know, it's not over. Here's why.

First of all, Libby was the most egregious offender, and got nailed to the wall, but Fitzgerald pointed out that the grand jury's work is not done. Karl Rove is still in hot water, as Fitzgerald can indict him (Rove's own lawyer said he's not cleared yet) on breaking the IIPA. The indictment speaks about "Official A" telling Libby he spoke to Robert Novak and Novak was the outer, running the column with that info about Plame. Furthermore, Fitzgerald also said that the obstruction has kept him from learning things crucial to this case. For instance, it's pretty obvious "Official A" is Rove, but there's also the unnamed undersecretary of state, who seems to resemble a certain John Bolton, and remember, much of the speculation about the abetters in this treasonous action focuses on Bolton's aide, CIA's Fred Fleitz, and David Wuermser. They probably have some more answering to do as well.

I think that Fitzgerald used today as a warning to everyone else to cooperate or they, too, will be indicted. Five counts means he wasn't screwing around, not to mention saying there is still grand jury work to be done. The White House has a lot to worry about right now, and honestly should breathe a sigh of relief that Miller and Cooper stalled for so long on revealing sources, because this case could've been brought one year ago, Fitzgerald said, if they hadn't been stalled. Can you imagine if this happened a year ago? We'd be talking to President Kerry right now. Indictments in Iran-Contra killed Bush's father in 1992.

This was Act I today. The rest, including how many, are yet to be known. Either way, this administration is facing a nasty precipice, and I'd hate to be there. If Bush is to save himself, he needs to clean house completely right now. I think it's quite possible that Cheney may soon resign for "health reasons," because the spotlight may soon get too intense on him, further damaging this group of rabid ideologues.


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