Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yesterday he defended the port sale

today he knows nothing about it.

Tell me, will the real President Bush please stand up? This is embarrassing.

BTW, it turns out the administration broke the law (as if that's a surprise anymore) and did not complete the mandated 45-day investigation as to whether this sale would harm national security. Furthermore, if there was a unanimous vote by CFIUS, then how come board member Donald Rumsfeld knew nothing about the sale until it was announced?

I smell a poor cover-up here in a sale engineered by a select few in the White House. And lashing out at reporters and everyone else (which includes the Senate Majority Leader and House Speaker) who says this is an awful deal and needs further investigation, for being racist is a stupid move. This isn't racism. The UAE was home ground for terrorists, and half their royal family has dined with Osama bin Laden. Dubai World Ports, the purchasing company, their CEO reports directly to the royal family. Tell me, how does this keep us SAFE?!?!?! This is more like unlocking all the doors, leaving the keys in the car ignition, and saying, "Everything will be alright. Nobody will take my car."

Our leader has lost his marbles. His behavior scares me. I used to think he was manipulative and not as stupid as so many make him out to be. Now I worry he's bipolar, with a side of paranoia. He's far too willing to sacrifice individual rights, but no business should ever face adversity. He smacks down anyone who criticizes his handling of any part of our wars as basically treasonous, yet this port deal does more to hurt our security than any words ever could. What is going on here? Can somebody explain the logic?


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