Friday, March 24, 2006

Red Ben, noted plagarist

The Washington Post, destined to sink to the depths being discovered by the New York Times, hired Redstate's cofounder Ben Domenech this week to be their new "Red America" blogger. Of course, logic would dictate a "Blue America" blogger being hired, right? Wrong.

Of course, the fact they hired Domenech shows a complete lack of disregard for their own cherished principles. In 1981, when Janet Cooke was discovered to have both plagarized and made crap up, the Post did its own investigation, fired her, and published a mea culpa. They did so with enormous speed.

This week, the Post decided plagarism wasn't such a big deal anymore. Even when the guy they hired once plagarized from a front-page Post story, along with a P.J. O'Rourke book,, the Dallas Morning News, IMDB (the internet movie database), and from Cox News Service during his time with NRO. And it only took people a day to find that. What will come up in a week's time?

Of course, stealing and cheating is a way of life for today's Republicans, isn't it?


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