Friday, April 14, 2006

But, of course it's not THEIR fault

Republicans, egg on their face after the immigration plan crashed and burned before the Senate recess, do what they do best: blame Democrats.

Not only has the President tried to single out Harry Reid for killing the plan, but the RNCC is taping commercials for the Hispanic population in the Southwest saying that Democrats are the ones pushing for the super-restrictive laws, which include making a felony of helping an illegal immigrant in need.

What? They aren't proud of their bill? They passed the law in the House, and then don't want credit for it? Could it be that the nation strongly disagrees with the felony provisions? Or is it that they lie so much that they can't stop lying?

This Republican Congress is a disgrace. Not all of the Republicans in it, because there are some wonderful Republicans that are part of that caucus, but the leadership is horrendously corrupt and deceitful, and they elevate racists like Tom Tancredo to prominence. What more needs to be said?


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