Thursday, July 27, 2006

What. A. Jerk.

Thanks to Kos and Swing State Project for this.

Sen. Conrad Burns, apparently trying to do his best to lose this fall to Jon Tester, spent his weekend yelling at firefighters for doing a "poor job" of fighting wildfires.

That's funny, I don't see his Jack Abramoff bought-and-paid-for ass out there fighting the fires. I don't see him doing anything to help. These guys are risking their lives, and he's yelling at them for not doing enough.

Oh, not to mention the fact these guys flew all the way from Virginia to help people they don't know save their property by fighting these fires, well, it just makes Burns look like what he is: an ungrateful, arrogant, jackass.


Blogger greeseyparrot said...

RE: Your rudeness
my point was that the fool (Shultz) catorgorizes everyone who is not utterly Rightwing as a "lefty", not that he was insulting anyone by doing so. Too, the fact that he calls himself a Lefty while he is in fact a moderate, was very much my point. Had you bothered to note that my comment was a reply, and read it in context with the comment to which I was responding, perhaps you wouldn't have missed my meaning.
BTW, never before at that site have I had anyone respond to one of my comments in such an uncivil fashion, so to you I say: "Fuck you very much".

6:16 PM  

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