Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why I've been gone from here

It's like this:

I've been busy. I've been promoted at work. I've just gotten back from vacation. I've been posting at other sites.

Most of all, though, I just don't have the energy right now. I'm so tired of people not caring. I'm so tired of our rights and our liberties and our precedents and our Constitution being shredded, and we're too busy talking about Brangelina or Britney's inability to strap a child into its seat instead.

I know a lot of people don't have the blogosphere's focus on politics, and it's hard, because a lot of it is mundane, but shouldn't the government's blatant illegal spying piss off America a little more? There's no excuse for this crap. When Nixon was doing all this, the nation sat up and did something about it. They got mad. The Congress did something about it. They investigated.

Today, not so much. And it's just hard for me to keep going when no one seems to fucking care anymore, where we can turn into a neofascistic state, where the President declares he can ignore 220 years of law and NO ONE CARES!!

So, lately, I have no desire to put in as much work. Sometimes, I get motivated, and I post over at Kos, or at TAP when I want to stir up the right-wing. My latest Kos posts have gotten HUGE response, and that makes me feel alright. As for here, well, this is my own personal spot, and last year, it was doing well, but now it's gone downhill, and that just adds to my feeling that not many people care.

This site's going on hiatus for awhile now. I hope everyone still stops by and sees if anything is going on, but, mainly, I'll be over at Kos, where I get a lot of feedback and the feeling that it's not entirely hopeless, and sometimes at TAP, but I need some time to recharge because I just am tired of people not caring anymore. America is the greatest hope on Earth for free will, democracy, and civilization, and its own citizens don't give a damn that it's slipping away, and right now, I just can't deal with it on a daily basis.

See y'all later.


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