Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Who knows the definition of humiliating treatment?"

Gee, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, since you are apparently one of the few people in the real world who doesn't know that answer (along with the rest of the Administration) let's look at some of these wonderful revelations from Gitmo.

Shackling a detainee so long he soiled himself, using his hair to mop the mess up, and then making him sit like that with no way to clean himself for three days. Hmmm.... pretty humiliating.

Having female soldiers strip your clothes off, put you in a human pyramid, taking pictures next to that pile that will end up on international television, that's humiliating.

Being forced to masturbate in front of a crowd of people....check.

Locked in cages smaller than people's walk-in closets, which happen to be outside, so therefore exposed to the elements....double check.

Getting your ass kicked just to show others not to get out of line....check again.

I could go on and on, but I think the point's been made. It's like when the band kid gets beat up and thrown into a trashcan in front of the whole school by the jocks from the football team. Every damn one of those people knows that kid was humiliated. I'm willing to even say it may be some of those band kids who are getting their revenge and using detainees to do it with. At least, they are certainly demonstrating the mindset.

How people who publicly proclaim their love of Jesus Christ over and over again can go up there and defend violating his central tenets as protecting us is beyond me. All I know is, hearing these people demonstrate this ugliest of hypocrisies makes me want to vomit on a regular basis.

They like to say us progressives are "godless," "hate religion," and are "secularists," but who is really demonstrating the tenets of the faith that Jesus taught us? Those who start needless wars and advocate torture, or those of us who fight for human rights, decency, and the rule of law?

It's kinda like Hadley's question. Everyone knows the answer, but not everyone admits it.


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