Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Arrogant AND delusional

The President has been on a rampage lately, stomping his feet and throwing a giant hissy fit because the Democrats in Congress, along with a few brave Republicans, are holding him to his words now, and setting in stone benchmarks and accountability for Iraqis for taking over.

Today, the fit became delusional.

"The clock is ticking for our troops in the field," he added. "If Congress fails to pass a bill to fund our troops on the front lines, the American people will know who to hold responsible."

Yes, we do know who to hold responsible. Go look in the mirror, Mr. President. The face you see is who is going to be held responsible, because people now realize that you lie more transparently than any previous president. The Congress HAS passed a bill that funds the troops. You're just pissy because it requires you to act responsibly and that it actually helps the troops instead of just treating them as props for your daily heaping helping of bullshit. It's pretty obvious when we see you repeating yourself worse than you ever have in the past that you know you've lost, but you're posturing and chest-thumping and trying so desperately for people to tremble in the presence of the "decider."

The American people made a decision last fall, and that was to stop giving you so many chances to fuck things up without having to account for fucking up. Their decision has solidified over the past few months, yet you still act like it's 2002. Get over yourself, if you can, and accept the funding. You ought to consider yourself lucky they didn't just cut your ass off.


Blogger Jerry said...

Finally someone who is seeing the truth in this thing.

11:57 AM  

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