Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I finally did it

Yes, I have a real blog now, on a blogging website, which means I can separate my personal blogging from my political blogging. I tried to start my own site, but had too many techinical issues, even for a tech-saavy hardware guy such as myself. My fiancee is better with the IT stuff, but I didn't want to bog her down, so I'm using blogspot. If Atrios can, so can I.
Maybe people will actually read this, who knows. I'll talk about local and national politics as I need something to do in the limbo between my collegiate journalistic life and the few months before I start working a professional job.
My earlier work will be copied and pasted into other postings with their original date. Wish this wasn't such a pain, but I started this by using AOL and then Livejournal stuff. Grrr. I should've started this thing sooner.


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