Wednesday, February 02, 2005

For God's sake, Bill

Bill Frist on Larry King gleeful as all hell that Bush endorsed the "culture of life." "He was right out there, amendment, saying I'm all for it."

Congratulations, jerk, you just once again endorsed prejudice, bigotry, and hate. NICE JOB. Frist says people believe two to one more in UFO's then Social Security's endurance. This coming from the same guy who said on national TV that sweat and tears spreads AIDS. How did this guy become a doctor?

You know, given that he isn't going to run in 2006 for reelection, no wonder he's parroting the president. He says he's sad that Democrats drew a line in the sand about judges, and Larry hit him with what happened to Clinton's judges, and Frist said it isn't the same. Uh...huh? Mentions all the other procedural moves that can be used to hold up judges, which coincidentally Frist wants to take away from Democrats. Oy vey!


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