Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday-night fright humor...and I'm pissed

Imagine this:

President Bush announces Constitution "doesn't exist"; American people respond, "Baaaaaaaa"

By Jeff Gannon
New York Times
January 6, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C.--President Bush today announced that the United States Constitution does not exist, and then ordered the Democratic Party chairman jailed, along with the White House press corps.
The Times filed an immediate appeal with the Supreme Court, but Chief Justice Antonin Scalia refused, saying, "I do not have the power to reverse the President's ruling, since the Constitution does not exist. The Supreme Court, therefore, is now disbanded."
In a Times poll, 95% of the American people agreed with the President's decision, with respondents generally answering, "He's the President, so he must be right."

Okay, obviously that would never happen....we hope. But the reason so many of the Bush administration's scandals don't hold is because we have become scared sheep. Now he's telling us the Social Security trust fund doesn't exist, so why wouldn't the Constitution be next? One terrorist attack and we all fall in line. Fucking Israel has been under attack for 60 years and they still speak out against their leaders and protest and go out and do their thing, despite the fact they face more danger than we do. So, dear Lord, will Americans wake the fuck up and realize that their country has been hijacked by a group of radicals, who don't even believe in conservatism the way it was envisioned by Eisenhower and Nixon and Reagan. I'm tired of Bush NEVER being accountable, and I don't want to hear that bullshit about the election being his accountability moment. Our elections are so full of holes anymore, and the people so fucking scared, that he wasn't held accountable for a damn thing. That needs to change, NOW.


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