Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Schiavo screwiness

Here's a question I have to ask: If the case of the Schindler family is so strong, then why have they allowed their attorney, David Gibbs, and their idiot spokesman, Randall Terry, to knowingly and blatantly lie about Terri Schiavo's condition? Let's do a little mythbusting, shall we?

Fiction: Terri is being starved.
Fact: Terri is not being starved. She is being dehydrated, and her condition does not allow her to feel the pain that a starvation sufferer would feel.
Fiction: Terri is being legally executed by "activist" judges like George Greer.
Fact: Six courts have reviewed this case over the last eight years, and all of them have agreed with Michael Schiavo, save for two temporary stays that reinserted the feeding tube, and ultimately those courts sided with Michael Schiavo as well. The United States Supreme Court rejected this case five times by itself. The rulings speak volumes, especially since today's decision in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals was written by a Bush Sr. appointee who blasted Congress and Shrub for overstepping Constitutional boundaries by passing this law.
Fiction: The will of the Congress and the President takes precedence over the law. Jeb Bush is weak for not ignoring the courts and taking Terri Schiavo into custody. The courts are not the final arbiter of the law.
Fact: This is the most egregious argument out there. The courts are the arbiters of the laws passed by Congress and signed by the President or those passed by a state legislature and signed by that state's governor. Yet these wingnuts want Jeb Bush to send the National Guard to the hospice to take Terri Schiavo to a hospital and forcibly insert the feeding tube back in. What if a court ruled abortion was illegal, and the doctors continued to perform abortions?
The wingnuts would work themselves into a rabid, frothing state over these immoral lawbreakers. Yet, that is what they want to do in this case, because they are right and 82% of Americans are wrong, not to mention that they are right and the Constitution of the United States is wrong. This may seem like an extreme comparison, but the basic beliefs are the same in each instance. They want to break the law, and ignore the courts and the Constitution, but only when it suits their needs. It is wrong, it is immoral, and it's the only bright thing Jeb Bush has done in this sad case. He, mercifully, recognizes that the courts are indeed the arbiter of the law, and their decision is final. I wish the wingnuts could recognize the sheer hypocrisy of their actions in this case, but they are too blinded by their piousness and righteousness to do that.


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