Wednesday, March 23, 2005


On CNN, I feel for the Schindler family. I really do. But Bob Schindler twice has said Judge Greer, a RESPECTED judge in Florida, is on a crusade to kill his daughter. Oh, yeah, he's also said judges are running the country and that his daughter can talk. This is nothing more than PR bullshit. Now, they want to have an investigation into Michael Schiavo and this hospice abusing Terri. For God's sake, GIVE UP. For the love of the Almighty, there are many doctors who have testified to a flatlined EEG. No therapy can help someone in that state. And the doctors he's citing are mainly Republican congressmen, none of who have seen her.
Yes, it's hard to let go. I had to do it with my father. IT SUCKS. It's an awful, crushing moment. I was numb for days after. But it has to be done sometimes.
What I think is awful about this case is that the images and PR has been entirely one-sided. Michael Schiavo's voice and the decisions made by numerous courts have been drowned out by meddling politicians and desperate parents. They have come up with a diagnosis that is medically unsound, that most of them have no experience in. The doctors hired by the Schindlers have a vested interest in saying, of course, she's not in PVS. The pro-life movement has gone nuts on this. They have little children holding these signs, knowing that it will touch the hearts of TV viewers.
This is a battle of substance over image. Substance, so far, thankfully, is winning, despite the dominance of image in the reporting of this case. This hasn't been a month, a year, or five years. This is fifteen years later. She isn't recovered. Her brain scans show a scary black hole in her brain. The Schindlers don't want to face reality, and I can understand, having been there with my father and his heart. But I had to face reality, and so do they. I hope they understand. I don't think Michael Schiavo is evil. I think he found another woman because he needed support after years of agony. I think he is acting on Terri's wishes, and the courts have agreed, after eight years of hearings. This case has blown open the life of a family. This case has demonized a seemingly good man. This case has been unfairly meddled with by politicians. This case is an awful case, because there is no clear line, but that is why the courts exist, and everyone has sided with Michael Schiavo, based on evidence, not emotions. There's a reason for that, and there's a reason we have a court system and the Constitution: to allow for dispassionate review of a situation like this. We are better off for the actions of courts, on the whole, and for once, just once, politicians should respect that. The vast majority of Americans do. Congress needs to get back in touch with more than a fraction of the population. So does the Bush family.


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