Thursday, May 05, 2005

Evolution is a some, anyways

Ah, time to ask once again, "What's the matter with Kansas?"

It's kind of funny, considering usually we're asking this question about Florida, but I digress. In what is either a giant remake of Inherit the Wind or a giant joke, Kansas is holding six days of hearings on whether evolution should remain the only basis for the teaching of biology, or whether creationism should join it. If the latter were to happen, evolution would be called a "theory," which is funny, considering hypothesis is what they really mean, but apparently evangelicals on that school board don't know how to read, either.

Evolution is not incompatible with belief in God. I personally happen to believe that God is the reason the Big Bang happened. God set evolution in motion. He created the matter that eventually formed stars and planets, then let events take their course. Since then, he's intervened a few times (and I kinda wish he'd intervene by destroying the Westboro Baptist Church and its hateful congregants, but I suppose he has a nice spot in hell for them), but mainly sat back and let life on Earth evolve.

There are people who'll say that I'm not being consistent or realistic, but my answer would be, "Why not?" I mean, no one has any real justification or way to prove that the "seven days" in Genesis was seven days as we know it today. It could've been seven million days for all we know. In terms of realism, well, a skeptic would reply, "Is it realistic to believe that all life as we know it was created by someone we cannot see or hear in seven days?"

My point here is that evolution can be and is fully compatible with a belief in God. Kansas, and any others trying to ban evolution, would do well to act like it.


Blogger mynym said...

"In what is either a giant remake of Inherit the Wind...

Sometimes it seems that Leftists will believe anything that matches their memes, pretty much no matter what. One has to wonder if they're ever curious about things that seem to match just a bit too tightly.

See: The Monkey Trial There are some cultural scripts and memes that match quite tightly because they were made up in a disinformation campaign to appeal to ignorant people.

Also note that evolutionists are indoctrinating students with known frauds to try to salvage and prop up their ignorant and stupid mythological narratives of Naturalism.

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