Friday, April 22, 2005

Thumbs-up for Krauthammer

Today's column by Charles Krauthammer, who, I must say, is a decent guy and a grounded neo-con, is virtually right on the money. I disagree with the last two grafs, but he does a good job of taking to task the right for threatening the judiciary and dissecting the current situation. I'm not sure what to think yet about his analysis of how the abortion debate got riled up by the Supreme Court ruling it to be a right in Roe v. Wade, which was basically an extension of the process began during Griswold v. Connecticut.
On the whole, though, it was a worthy column, therefore, a thumbs-up from my humble hand and a money quote:

Let us have a bit of sanity here. One of the glories of American democracy is the independence of the judiciary. The deference and reverence it enjoys are priceless assets. The Supreme Court is the only institution that could have ended the Bush-Gore fiasco of 2000 with the immediacy, finality and, yes, legitimacy that it did. (True, liberals, who for half a century employed judicial fiat to enact their political agenda, have been whining for five years about this particular judicial exercise. But the critical point is that, whine or not, the ruling was accepted as law.) Moreover, and more generally, judicial independence and supremacy are necessary checks on the tyranny of popular majorities. [emphasis mine]

Like I said, worth a read or two, and lots to think about.


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