Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Here we go....

Well, Bill Frist has pushed the button. Not the big, blinking red one, but the smaller countdown button. Priscilla Owen was brought to the floor today, and debate is going to go on for a couple of days. I'll be able to watch most of the debate today, but tonight I work, and then I'm going to help my fiancé with her homework since her son is sick. Star Wars premiere for me tonight. I'd like to go, seeing as how I made the other ones, but some things are more important. I'll go tomorrow afternoon with my mom, who wants to see it too. Back to Frist...

So far today, the debate has been high-minded, with a few exceptions. I'd give high marks to George Allen just for making a good rhetorical argument (although I was yelling at him a few times). Same for Dianne Feinstein. Chuck Schumer, though, has stolen the show so far. He had visual aids for his cause, he has the sort of tone that grabs attention, and best of all, he pointed out what a hypocrite Frist was on the filibuster with a nice blue-and-yellow placard with the results of the filibusters Frist voted for in 2000. Even my mom, who usually stays far out of politics, was listening with me and said the Republicans were full of it, trying to change historical precedent. "You don't change the rules just because you're not getting your way. That's what kids do," said she.

This will be interesting, and I'm waiting with baited breath as to what will happen.


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