Friday, November 04, 2005

More Brownies for Bush

You'd think that President Bush would've learned.

The Hurricane Katrina disaster of late-August 2005 will stand in American history as one of our most catastrophic times, worsened by the complete lack of action by presidentially appointed crony Michael Brown, head of FEMA. Brown's exposure led to more discoveries of cronyism taking place in the Bush administration.

This, of course, did not stop the president. He named his crony/counsel Harriet Miers as his pick for the Supreme Court, then allowed her to withdraw once her lack of credentials (see: Brown) became painfully obvious. Brown, meanwhile, has been suffering whiplash from the beating that congressional committees are giving him.

Now, word comes in Newsweek that the President has named nine, count them, nine campaign contributors to the FIAB, the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, an advisory panel with oversight on intelligence gathering. Granted, a couple of the appointees, such as retired Adm. David Jeremiah and former congressman Lee Hamilton, have experience, but best buddy Don Evans, oil magnate Ray Hunt, fundraiser Bill DeWitt, economic adviser Steven Friedman, and Netscape's Jim Barksdale simply have no experience in this field, and this is a crucial time in our nation's history. At a time where we need experience, President Bush has once again appointed novices. Is it any wonder his approval rating is at 35%?


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