Thursday, January 26, 2006

He just can't help himself

Here's some Bush to chew over:

"Asked why he wouldn't go to Congress -- even now -- for approval of the program, he said more public knowledge about it would 'help the enemy.'"

Okay, then hold it in executive session, where Congress closes the doors, bars the public and cameras, and discuss it with them then. Once again, this president has contempt for Congress that he just doesn't bother to hide. And, yeah, we're really tired of this "help the enemy" crap that he throws out every damn time.

And this chestnut:

"Now, I understand there's some in America who say, well, this can't be true there are still people willing to attack," Bush said. "All I would ask them to do is listen to the words of Osama bin Laden and take him seriously. When he says he's going to hurt the American people again, or try to, he means it. I take it seriously, and the people of NSA take it seriously. And most of the American people take it seriously, as well."

Well, that's nice, considering that just over a year ago, this same man was saying that he doesn't think about him that much anymore, that he's not so important. Once he's in trouble, though, out comes the bogeyman, and isn't it convenient that he shows up every time Bush is in political danger? Osama knows that Bush has actually been a boon to him, because he hasn't pursued terrorism the way Clinton had prepared to do so. Clinton, as history shows, was shot down by the GOP Congress. Good job over there. Since fearmongering works with so many Americans, all Osama has to do is say, "I heart Democrats" and all the people jump on the Republican bandwagon, when it's all reverse psychology. Iraq has majorly screwed up our pursuit of terrorism. We did the right thing at the wrong time, and we are going to pay a serious price for it. God help us all.


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