Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Democrats didn't make Mrs. Alito cry

And it's not just me and people on the left saying it. It's conservative writer John Cole:

This headline is pretty hacktacular even for Drudge:

The headline states:


Judge Samuel A. Alito's wife Martha left the confirmation hearing room in tears this evening, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) apologized to the Judge's family for the behavior of his fellow committee members during the course of the last three days.

Sen. Graham said: "Judge Alito, I am sorry that you've had to go through this. I am sorry that your family has had to sit here and listen to this."

I don't like Kennedy. At all. I think Schumer is a grandstanding fool and a pompous ass. . . . But only the most patently dishonest person on the planet would claim that Mrs. Alito left after a Democratic attack. She left after REPUBLICAN Sen. Lindsey Graham was basically praising Alito, defending him and reciting some of the things that have been said about Alito.

But it was not a withering attack from Democrats which unsettled Mrs. Alito. Not at all.

I am so sick and tired of everyone just lying about every-damned-thing.

Even conservatives are sick of where the conservative movement is going. What does that tell you?


Blogger E. M. Zanotti said...

LOL. Have I ever NOT been sick of where the conservative movement is going? Wait...I'm sick of just politicians in general. If they left it to the idealists, there'd be no Jack Abramoff, at least, unless someone WANTED to pay me to be a loudmouth.

It was definitely not a withering attack from the Democrats. There weren't any. Frankly, I think it was the thought that Dave Coulier is now on Skating With Celebrities. Thats making ME cry.

9:43 PM  

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