Saturday, January 07, 2006

Another abuse of power...are you surprised?

President Bush, that wonderful gent, decided to stomp on his own party and use a recess appointment to put 17 people into office that the Senate wouldn't confirm, including two outright and obvious hacks, Julie Myers and Tracey Henke, and other buddies, like Gordon England.

Myers is probably the most outrageous appointment, decried by both Republicans and Democrats, because she has zero experience ("heckuva job, Brownie") in the field that her position, head of Immigration and Customs, is in. She's the niece of retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Richard Myers and the daughter-in-law of DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff. I mean, my God, it's like the Grant administration, a family business based not a whit on qualifications. DHS is deadly important, and the Prez stuck in someone else there who is clueless.

My question is, does he not know, not care, or is he deliberately trying to destroy government so he can rule supreme? It boggles the mind how this man won reelection. If we knew all this crap in November of 2004, the election would've been Johnson-Goldwater, not a Bush win.

Update (1-9-06): Apparently, National Review and Michelle Malkin agree, as reported by Howie Kurtz at the WaPo: THE KOS-MALKIN-NATIONAL REVIEW CONVERGENCE:

"Scary, I know. But we all agree: The recess appointment of Julie Myers to head DHS's Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement sucks. It's a bad move--especially now, when the White House is touting its commitment to fighting the War on Terror and securing the homeland. To quote VP Dick Cheney: 'Either we are serious about fighting this war or we are not.'

"Myers' recess appointment, sorry to say, is a joke."


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