Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Thank God

that Texas won the Rose Bowl tonight, because I was rather sick of hearing the blowjob fawning of all the football analysts who said USC would beat all sorts of historic teams, including the defensive monster that was the 1997 Michigan team, who gave up an average of nine points a game. USC's defense kinda sucks, to be honest, and it showed. Vince (Vinsanity) Young ran for 200 yards and passed for 267. That's insane. Absolutely insane.

Yeah, I know there was some controversial calls in this, but let's be honest. USC, this vaunted team who everyone was calling the best ever this week, couldn't stop Texas at all. So much so that Pete Carroll went for it on 4th and 1 with a couple of minutes left at midfield, got stopped, and Young did it again. You look at the film, and he just looked faster than anyone else on the field, running past defenders everywhere. That man will go #1, and the Lions should try to draft him, because he could be the savior for that franchise.

In short, though, USC is not the greatest team ever, it got proven definitively tonight, and maybe all the experts will avoid the hyperbole in the future.


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