Monday, March 27, 2006

Gee, will he live up to his word?

(via Daily Kos)

In January 2005, President Bush promised we'd leave Iraq if the elected Iraqi government asked us to. He qualified the statement by saying that he didn't think they would do that.

Today Iraq just told him to call his hand.

Iraq wants US to cede control after raid.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's ruling parties demanded U.S. forces cede control of security on Monday as the government launched an inquiry into a raid on a Shi'ite mosque complex that ministers said saw "cold blooded" killings by U.S.-led troops.

U.S. commanders rejected the charges and said their accusers faked evidence by moving bodies of gunmen killed fighting Iraqi troops in an office compound. It was not a mosque, they said.

As Shi'ite militiamen fulminated over Sunday's deaths of at least 16 people in Baghdad, an al Qaeda-led group said it staged one of the bloodiest Sunni insurgent attacks in months. A suicide bomber killed 40 Iraqi army recruits in northern Iraq.

So, George, in 2004 you hailed Iyad Allawi as a good guy to listen to because he said what you wanted to hear. In 2006, you dismiss him because he says Iraq is in the beginning of a civil war. In 2005, you say we'll leave Iraq if the government asks. Well, the Shiites control the Iraqi government, and the prime minister's press secretary said they want us to give up security (meaning, LEAVE). Are we going to listen, and if we don't, are Iraqi security forces going to be ordered to attack us? What then? We'll become the aggressors, and draw ALL of the heat.

They want us gone. Their prime minister sent his press guy out to say it. That wasn't an accident. It's time to go, and if we stay, then it'll be clear that Bush doesn't give a damn about keeping his word, about our security, or about what the Iraqis want.


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