Thursday, April 26, 2007


I had this thought, somewhere in my mind, that after the 2004 election, we'd never have to hear such phrases as, "If you vote for the Democratic candidate, the terrorists will strike again and you will die," or some formulation of that.

Apparently I was wrong, and the guy who said it was the guy I least expected to say it.

Shame on you, Rudy.

Shame on you for making such outlandish claims. Shame on you for spewing this same line that Democrats will not aggressively pursue terrorists. How many times are we going to be forced to listen to such utter, uninformed nonsense? How many times are we going to have our loyalty, our patriotism, our courage, our desire to beat the common enemy we all face?


We have had six years of Republican governance, and for all the bluster in the world, we never caught Osama bin Laden (which is important both symbolically and substantially, considering he's the major source of al-Qaeda funding and its leader), we haven't yet settled Iraq after four years, we haven't even tried to make peace in other Middle Eastern nations, and North Korea and Iran have acquired nuclear technology which now poses a much more serious threat than a disarmed and cornered Saddam Hussein.

Wow. That's a record I'd want to run on.


When the terrorists struck us here, on our shores, they did not attack Republicans or Democrats. They attacked Americans. Within mere months, though, the Republican party decided that this was the chance to broaden their grip on voters who were concerned with national security. And of course, everyone was concerned with national security, because we'd just had New York and D.C. blown up. So, Max Cleland, a veteran who left three limbs on the battlefield, has his image interspersed with bin Laden in a campaign commercial run by a guy who never served. You get an vote on the Iraq war brought before Congress right before the election, deliberately done so as to influence the election in people's minds. Andy Card said it himself in "Plan of Attack."

You get people who love their country and disagree with the president branded as traitors because they won't fall in line, when dissent is one of our most cherished rights and values. And you lie. You lie when you say Democrats didn't want Homeland Security when Democrats introduced the bill first and had it rejected by the President, who miraculously revived it, changed it, and then used it to brand Democrats as weak on terror. You lie when you say we're fighting in Iraq to stop the terrorists when they weren't even there until after we invaded! You lie when you portray calls for accountability as surrender. You lie when you say our rights aren't degraded, yet the power of the state to circumvent things like warrants is stronger than it has been in two generations. You lie when you say that you are the party of responsibility when you've run up the largest deficit ever and borrowed it all from nations that don't wish us well.

Most of all, you lie when you stand there, wag your finger, and declare that only Republicans can save us from terrorism. Defending America is not a partisan task. Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman led us ably and aptly through World War II. Abraham Lincoln's desire for a truly United States was the only thing between winning and losing the Civil War. Both parties are capable of leading a nation to success in a situation that demands it.

We are so tired, and I am so tired, of having to declare for the umpteenth time that I love my country, I love its people, I love its freedoms, and that I want it to succeed. That should NEVER be in question. Enough is enough. Disagreeing with the man in power is not un-American, in fact, it is the definition of the quintessential American, and that's a fact that is lost on the right. We are perfectly willing to work with anyone of any political leaning to better our nation, but we will not back down anymore. We're through compromising on our basic principles, principles that are uniquely American, the belief in the common good, the belief in civil rights, the belief that government is supposed to help you, not be your adversary, and the belief that America is comprised of people who love their nation and shouldn't have their dedication and love questioned, ever.


Rudy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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