Wednesday, January 26, 2005

And now, time to blow off a little more steam...

Bill O'Reilly has a backwards theory...invite the accused on your show, but not the accusers. Invite Maggie Gallagher (let's hear it for bigotry) and Dr. Wade Horn, assistant secretary at HHS, on your show to discuss why she was hired by Horn and what for, and no one from the Washington Post or from an ethical group to explain why this is a big deal.
In fact, O'Reilly kept saying "forget about the Washington Post" to Gallagher, who put on a good show of false emotion, making it seem like she was being picked on, but then, in a shocking moment, O'Reilly lambasted Horn and the Bushies for hiring journalists. Horn tried to explain, but O'Reilly slammed him again. His wording was a bit strange, though. "Conflict of interest appearance." I think you can safely strike that last word when it comes to Gallagher and Armstrong Williams.
In all, an interesting moment, showcasing everything I hate, like, and don't understand about O'Reilly.
Moving on, Margaret Spellings plays big mommy for kids everywhere by getting rid of the episode involving Buster the rabbit visiting Vermont, which included meeting two lesbian moms. Spellings claims that parents may not want their kids exposed to this. Fair enough argument....if you live in an intolerant red state. Even so, isn't PBS' job to educate? Why do far righties think that if they yell enough, or ignore enough, that gays will go away? Hate to tell you all, but gays and lesbians have been around since the beginning of time.
How about facing reality, educating your children to the fact that gays and lesbians exist, and explaining to them...oh, nevermind, that would just send James Dobson into stroke mode. Gotta love intolerance. It never strikes once, it's always in bunches. Ignore gays, claim gays have an evil agenda (because God hates gays, right, so they must be evil), tell our kids to abuse them and be intolerant, and slam a good group like the We Are Family Foundation for daring to teach children to be nice to those who aren't like you. Disgusting. I have a great vision of God, the God I believe in, the God that I think most sane people believe in, gathering up these idiots like Dobson and Falwell and Robertson and all the rest of the moralizing, holier-than-thou, hypocritical, overbearing, bigoted jerks and casting them straight into the fires of hell. If I see that day in heaven, I would be overjoyed.


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