Thursday, February 03, 2005

Oh, really now?

According to this Reuters story, half of the bankruptcies in the U.S. are caused by medical disasters. The vast majority are middle-class workers, and here's the real kicker: 75% of those people HAD medical insurance, which barely picked up any of the tab, despite these emergencies developing after coverage had been established.

And sadly, over at an NBC affliate in Ft. Myers, Florida, they bite right into President Bush's apple with this headline "Social Security heading for bankruptcy". Um, I'm sorry, but that just isn't possible. As has been pointed out here, and even tonight on Larry King by Republican senator John Warner, the full faith and credit of the United States backs the program, therefore, it cannot in any circumstances go bankrupt. The worst case scenario is reduced benefits, 70% to be exact, which would be funded by the continuing collection of payroll taxes.
How are we supposed to trust a president who lies about such an important issue? This isn't Iraq or the other issues where he's been accused of lying (I don't think he lied, per se, I think he stretched his info to where he wanted it to go), but in this case, he is telling a flat-out lie and is playing scare politics again, and that makes me sick to my stomach.
Listening to him talk about Social Security tonight, I almost wanted to believe him, but I knew better because I know the facts. But this is America, and sadly, too many people don't give a damn to educate themselves with facts...they'd rather listen to the noise machine that they elieve, Democrat or Republican. The fact is, though, he is knowingly lying and scaring when he warns of an event that is not possible without collapsing the federal government.

Finally, Brent Bozell is my asshole of the year. Crude as that may be, ad hominem attack that it may be, Bozell and his little PTC group are completely full of shit. The man attacks every show known to man as being crude, offensive, and whatnot. Apparently, anything not produced by the 700 Club is BAD for you in his mind. He now is accusing MTV of targeting kids with their steamy, salacious material. Um, that stuff airs later at night, Brent, when KIDS SHOULD BE IN BED! You get mad that a show like CBS's "Without a Trace" can't be complained about because its steamy material aired after 10 pm, the FCC's cutoff time. Again, isn't it the PARENT'S fault if their child is up that late watching an adult show?

Well, given Brent's childhood (which is well detailed by, of all people, WWE star Mick Foley in his book "Foley is Good,") I'm not surprised. His parents became raving lunatics. This apple sure didn't fall far from the tree now, did it? Brent makes lots of money and gets tons of publicity, simply for being an asshole. So does Ann Coulter. If the GOP wanted to do themselves a huge favor, they would disown these two fascists instead of letting their rantings be considered part of their message. Hateful people like them are bad for America's future. Same way that idiots like that Congresswoman from Georgia who accused Bush of knowing about 9/11 and doing nothing should be disowned by the Democrats. With that, I'm going to bed. It's been a interesting night, but GOODNIGHT.


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