Saturday, February 19, 2005

It's official...Brooks has left the reservation

David Brooks, the current resident conservative at the New York Times since William Safire (one of my favorites) left, has left the GOP party line for good. This is his third (fourth?) column that is taking to task the White House for its utter lack of responsibility. Today's piece talks of the likelihood of a new Ross Perot, a fiscal zealot and moral crusader. Money quote:

"Over the next few months we will be watching a government that may be millions-wise, but trillions-foolish. We will be watching a government that sometimes seems to have lost all perspective - like a lunatic who tries to dry himself with a hand towel while standing in a torrential downpour."

Also, this:

"But the White House is threatening to veto anything they [fiscal conservatives] do! President Bush, who hasn't vetoed a single thing during his presidency, now threatens to veto something - and it's something that might actually restrain the growth of government. He threatens to use his first veto against an idea he himself originally proposed! Have we entered another world, where up is down and rationality is irrational? Every family and business in America has to scale back when the cost of something skyrockets. Does this rule not apply to us as a nation?"

I'm really liking this guy more and more every day.


Blogger Mr. Hand said...

The link to this article doesn't work. One too many 'http's' in there.

Nice blog. Some very good reads. I've added you to my links.

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