Thursday, March 31, 2005

More thoughts on today...

The irony of the Pope in a position similar to Terri Schiavo's is driving me nuts.
The fact that a group of Catholic preachers is banding together to form a group to stop euthanasia and abortion, mixing religion even further into our body politic.
The joy of seeing Randall Terry trying to fake tears on CNN and being unable to do it, therefore exposing his hypocrisy.
Tom DeLay making himself out to be a bigger asshole than ever by his thinly veiled threats at Michael Schiavo and the judiciary.
The WMD report giving the White House a gigantic pillow to land on by simply swerving at that roadblock and not tackling the issue.

It's been a crazy day, and I don't know exactly what to say about all this. I just feel spun about by everything, but I'm sure by tomorrow morning I'll be able to process it all and comment more decisively.


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