Sunday, April 10, 2005

Enough already...

(Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan)

Another gay soldier has been silenced by the Army, and the likelihood is that he will join many other skilled soldiers in being discharged from the military for their homosexuality. You know why, the old feeling that gays will cause unit breakdown. Apparently, only gay sex can cause unit problems, but hetero sex is no problem whatsoever.

I could go on about the incredible hypocrisy. I could talk about the over $200 million that this has cost the U.S. over the past 12 years to replace these trained men and women. I could talk about the fact that they said the same when it came to blacks and women in the military. I could talk about how we are hurting national security by discharging hundreds of gay Arabic translators, something that we need right now. I could talk about the fact that enlistments are going down, and instead of creating a civil war in this country by possibly returning to the draft, they could simply let willing, able, eager gay men and women serve their country.

Key quote from this debacle of a story:

"Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, a conservative advocacy group that opposes gays serving in the military, said a better way to avoid the cost of replacing soldiers who are discharged for being gay is to make it very clear to people who enlist in the military, including Stout, that they are ineligible to serve if they are gay. "I honor and respect his service to this country, but the fact that he's wounded really doesn't change the underlying fact. ... He is not eligible to serve," Donnelly said, adding that there are many reasons (emphasis mine) why people aren't eligible to serve. "This is just one of them."

Those many reasons, as of now, have yet to be named.

The subject of the story recieved a Purple Heart for his valor. My uncle won two. It's an important award, it is a measure of your sacrifice to your nation. Apparently, the wingnuts have gone so far in gay-bashing that a wounded gay soldier who fought proudly for his country isn't good enough to be a soldier because he's gay. Hell, what's next, we declare gays to be aliens, or some petty bullshit like that? For the absolute last fucking time, please, I'm begging you, oh crazy wingnuts, listen to me:

Homosexuals are human beings deserving of equal rights, and if they want to serve our country voluntarily, then for the love of Jesus Christ Almighty, LET THEM.

Thank you.


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