Friday, April 01, 2005

Okay, you wanted it, you got it...

Yeah, I have my reaction now to yesterday.
I despise the religious right and their disgusting interjection into politics. I despise them trying to enforce their religious beliefs over the Constitution of the United States and for co-opting an all-too-willing Republican party into joining them.
I despise tying Terri Schiavo to the abortion debate. That poor woman suffered more than any of us can ever imagine. Her life, in essence, was cut short at 26, and there are so many things she wanted to do that I'm sure she didn't get to do, and that is a tragedy in and of itself. Of course, these overbearing, moralizing jackasses didn't protest the baby in Texas being pulled off life support, or didn't yell at George W. Bush for the law he signed in Texas that allowed it. Oh, no, they kept wailing about poor Terri instead. They put up posters saying "We thirst." On those posters were pictures of Terri Schiavo as a vegetable next to Jesus Christ. That is blasphemy. How dare they! Jesus Christ is my Savior too, and I'll be damned if people will use him in that way.
I despise people that want to use her case to change laws that work just fine, that want to stack the judiciary with people so caught up in their religion that they've forgotten what Jesus Christ even stood for. I despise people that want a "culture of life" in this country, yet allow millions to suffer and die because they cut Medicaid, because they cut food stamps, because they won't give condoms to nations in Africa where it would help stop the spread of AIDS because they'd rather preach about abstinence and marriage, and yet in Zimbabwe, the rate of infection is higher among married couples, and condoms could save a continent of people, yet they preach instead, and finally because they gave millions of dollars in tax breaks to people who don't need another damn tax cut, money that could've been spent on helping the poor. "Culture of life," my ass! They don't give a damn about any life except their own, and I'm outraged about that.
These people are the most disgusting hypocrites I've ever seen. They are false worshippers. They don't believe in the Jesus Christ that the majority of the world knows. I am not tarring the entire evangelical movement with this brush, because many of them do truly believe. I'm tarring the ones who have power, or the ones who jump in front of microphones or TV cameras and stage stunts to prove their piousness and moral superiority. I've had it. I sincerely hope these hypocrites get the fiery hell they deserve. You think I'm pissed? Damn right I am.


Blogger K - L - G said...

The "Christian Crazies are stupid and ignorant. And that's coming from them...

Check out the quote at the end of the article, where he talks about being attacked by the "intelligent, educated segment of the culture." That's all you need to know.

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