Friday, April 22, 2005

Reality watch

I submit to you this week's moment of someone out of touch with reality: Scott McClellan. Here goes.

Q With regard to the Bolton nomination, I'm trying to get my head around 'unsubstantiated allegations.' With regard to the allegations of trying to have senior intelligence analysts removed from their portfolios, my understanding is that the allegations were made by those analysts, independent intelligence analysts, were substantiated by their superiors and have been corroborated by others, and even Mr. Bolton himself concurs that something occurred. So I'm not quite sure what 'unsubstantiated' means about that one in particular.

"MR. McCLELLAN: The accusations that are being made are unsubstantiated. Again, Democrats continue to raise them. These matters have been addressed before the committee. I'm not going to go and dignify these unsubstantiated accusations from this podium by responding to them."

Um, Scott, I kinda hate to tell you, but when the nominee himself admits an incident, and you still call it an "unsubstantiated allegation," you, my friend, have lost touch with reality. The substantiation came from the man you're trying to support from your incredibly shrinking podium, along with, like, four other people. That's a confirmation alright, but not the type you're hoping to see. I'd go find someone else now to fill that spot, thank you.


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Email me. I know of a journalism job if you're still looking. It's in Maryland.


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