Friday, April 15, 2005

About time

Well, I've found one Republican who has come to his senses and is finally working to change the ridiculous formula of Homeland Security spending. Rep. Christopher Cox (R-CA) is introducing a bill to change that formula to be risk-based instead of a "political proportional formula." Secondly, he wants to make sure that Customs and Border Patrol work more closely with INS, since they have diverging interests. These are great goals, and I'm happy to see Rep. Cox make a real effort to fix this major problem that had Wyoming getting as much money as NYC.
Republicans can be worked with and can be rational. The GOP has, by and large, used the religious right, and they in turn have been using back. Now it's starting to blow up on them. It is imperative on independents and Democrats to help sever the two, so more productive relationships can be built for the good of our nation. Rep. Cox's bill is a prime example of productivity. We all need to get behind this effort.


Blogger prying1 said...

Christopher Cox is really one great person. I hear him on Hugh Hewitts radio show on occasion and he impresses me as a man of integrity. As a California resident (Michigan transplant in 1959) I think he is the only voice of reason in California politics. Except for Ahhneld (the Governator) but he is forced all over the place by the opposition forces. None of the powers that be want to take their hand out of the pie and the plate is near empty.

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