Monday, April 18, 2005

And this just in...

Liberals own the media! It's a liberal monoculture! The blogs and talk radio are the only way the conservative message can be heard! So says Regnery blowhard Brian C. Anderson in today's L.A. Times. I find that one pretty funny. Because the last I checked, Fox News isn't liberal. The last I checked, conservatives dominate government. The last I checked, no one has a clue who Brian C. Anderson is!

He claims, among many rich ones, that liberals want Congress to regulate talk radio out of existence, that liberal radio isn't as entertaining, that Air America will die because they only have 50 outlets after a year.

I don't understand why with control of the entire federal government, conservatives continue to have such paranoia about liberals. It's like they're the Soviets of the 1950's, and no matter what, they're going to be a threat to our very existence. As a center-left person, I don't find myself scared by any group that holds no power. I get scared when one group holds all the power, and still acts like Stalin in their mass paranoia. And when Brian C. Anderson gets a prime Op-Ed position in any major newspaper, that's scary.


Blogger prying1 said...

re: I get scared when one group holds all the power, and still acts like Stalin in their mass paranoia. - end qoute -

Who is acting like Stalin? I don't get the comparison.

Unless you mean the statements like this from the article: Unable to prosper in the medium, liberals have taken to denouncing talk radio as a threat to democracy. Liberal political columnist Hendrik Hertzberg, writing in the New Yorker, is typically venomous. Conservative talk radio represents "vicious, untreated political sewage" and "niche entertainment for the spiritually unattractive," Hertzberg sneers. - end quote -

Also I read this: Sure, talk radio is partisan, sometimes overheated. But it's also a source of argument and information. Together with Fox News and the blogosphere, it has given the right a chance to break through the liberal monoculture and be heard. For that, anyone who supports spirited public debate should be grateful. - endquote - Perhaps you misread about Fox News being more on the right.

What I got from the article is that liberal talk radio does not work because there are not enough listeners. So it goes.

Type - Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey fairness doctrine - into Google and we can see that HR-501 appeared to be an attempt to mess with the FCC rules. I'm certain you would not like a law that says broadcasters license renewal depends on: - quote - (1) covers issues of importance to the local community in a fair manner, taking into account diverse interests and viewpoints of the local community; - & this: Allows any interested person to file a petition with the FCC to deny a license renewal for a broadcast station's failure to follow the above requirements. - end quote -

Any interested person? Gosh that leaves a lot of room for any fanatic right or left to close down a business whose employees depend on the license for a paycheck.

Paranoia seems a rather strong word. Perhaps cautious would be a better fit.

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