Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cheerleading causes STD's and pregnancy...and this is a Democrat talking??

Yes, Texas has decided to try and pass a law that bans sexy cheerleading. It's a Democrat trying to push it through, leading me to believe that this man has abandoned all principle to keep his seat in born-again Texas. I mean, why else would a politician come up with such a ridiculous statement with absolutely no sociological basis.....oh, wait, these people love Bush and DeLay, nevermind.

Really, though, I've known many a cheerleader, and none of them ever got pregnant, and to my knowledge, never contracted an STD. I don't see how dancing in sexy outfits means they are going to engage in sexual activity, and I'm amazed someone is that dumb. All 65 of them, to be exact, the amount of legislators who voted to pass this bill. I'd call them retarded, but that'd be an insult to my brother, who is mentally retarded.

Once again, this is proof that those who run our governments don't give a shit about anything significant, and instead just want to ru(i)n our lives in perpetuity.


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