Thursday, November 10, 2005

Random notes...

Well, while I was gone yesterday on a mission of mercy, I missed some fun stuff, so let's have at it.

I am simply astonished at the Fox News spinners, who sit there and say that Scooter Libby was "merely charged with perjury and making false statements." These from the same people who roasted Clinton over a spit for perjury. So, perjury is only wrong if a Democrat commits it. Sorry, guys, 81% of the American people disagree with that statement.

Senate Republicans refused to have oil executives, they of the 25 billion dollars of profits in the third quarter alone, testify under oath yesterday in hearings, probably to keep their testimony from showing how much Bush has coddled them during his administration. Profits are fine, price-gouging is not. We are obviously being gouged if they are making that much money in profit in three months. Exxon-Mobil execs somehow managed to come up with the formulation that their profits are right in line with other corporations, which is strange, considering Exxon-Mobil's profit set records for any corporation in the world. And yet, no testimony under oath. Remember, they put baseball players under oath about steroids, but that doesn't affect us nearly as much as overpriced gas.

And yes, Scott McLellan once again falls into the Ron Ziegler category, falsifying yesterday's press briefing transcript from the White House to correct an answer about Rove and Libby that temporarily deviated from the Bush line. When asked by NBC's David Gregory, "Whether there’s a question of legality, we know for a fact that there was involvement. We know that Karl Rove, based on what he and his lawyer have said, did have a conversation about somebody who Patrick Fitzgerald said was a covert officer of the Central Intelligence Agency. We know that Scooter Libby also had conversations," McLellan responded, "That's accurate."

The FNS and CQ transcripts show that answer. The video makes it obviously clear that's what he said. But Scottie puts out a transcript where he says, "I don't think that's accurate." Just who does he think he can fool? Add this in with his attacking of the patriotism of reporters, and he's on his way to a public hanging.


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