Wednesday, January 26, 2005

...and we'll all rant on again

I feel incredibly worried about the next 18 months. Between the fictional account of Richard Clarke about the possible future of terrorist attacks in America to the actual attack on Social Security being engineered by President Bush, God help us. I do feel better, though, that most of Congress is showing a spine and telling George that he can't pull an Iraq, that he has to work for it this time. And yes, this includes Republicans too. Many Republicans.
I think our nation is at its best when the parties split control of government. Clinton and a Democratic Congress in 1993-94=not good. Clinton and a closely divided Congress under Republican control=lots of good for the nation. Budget surpluses, welfare reform, control over spending. I miss those days. In all honesty, Clinton would have wiped the floor with Bush. If it wasn't for the FDR Amendment (as I like to call it) Clinton could STILL be president right now.
It's funny how the Bushies dissed Clinton so much, but yet invoke him to defend Iraq and the usage of the word "crisis" regarding Social Security. And amazing how instead of being called on it, the media is slowly being cowed into using the term "personal accounts" instead of "private accounts," which is what they are. Social Security was designed to give people a safety net in case of a market crash (the Great Depression, anyone?) and now the president wants to return us to that 1929 condition. Genuflecting at the throne is what leads to abuse, and this president is the master at getting people to do that. It's time for our leaders to stand up for what's right, and gutting Social Security isn't it.


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