Saturday, January 29, 2005

Random discussion...

Cheers to Joe Scarborough for letting his fellow Republicans know that payola is wrong, period. His primetime smackdown of Jack Burkman was long overdue and hopefully well-received in America.

Now on to what really has caught my eye tonight. Orcinus published a post a few weeks ago that I just happened to stumble across, never having read him before. He talks about the crazy right, and the growing number of people who feel that dissenters should just be executed, or imprisoned or what-have-you. Maybe it's hysterical, maybe it's not. It sure seemed convincing, given what I wrote about Andrew Sullivan the other night. Andy has been pro-war the whole way, but his dissent on the torture situation has caused a lot of crazies to attack him personally and accuse him of being a traitor.

If these people had been the majority during the Revolution, we'd still be British citizens right now.

I supported the war and still believe it was a good idea, however, as I have said for over a year now, the execution of the war plan sucked. The strategy was flawed badly, the planning was poor, the intelligence hideous, and no corrections were made when it became obvious early on that we didn't have enough troops (i.e. the looting of Baghdad the day Saddam's statue fell). Had we had enough security, the celebration, the joy, would have been the same, but we wouldn't have lost crucial documents (and armanents perhaps) whose absence has hindered us.

Then the torture came out, Abu Ghraib came out. We didn't jump nearly as hard as we should have to ensure that behavior was stopped, and the president continues to equivocate on it. As I pointed out before, such behavior hurts our soldiers. I know people over there in Iraq and I pray for their safety regularly. Every soldier lost is a wound on our country. These crazies need to remember something. It's not dissenters who kill our troops, it's terrorists and fedayeen who kill them. And sometimes, it's bad policy that kills our troops, in which case dissenting may save the lives of soldiers.


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